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Join the Directory to be a part of a list of organisations and arts providers that are fantastic for families.

The growing Directory of 1K+ Family Arts Standards Holders and our 450+ Age-Friendly champions is a helpful place for arts professionals and families to find creative organisations and venues near and far across the UK. Search by location, art form and more – including discovering past Fantastic for Families Award Winners.

How do I add my profile?

For your profile to be included in the Directory, you need to be a Family Arts Standards Holder, or an Age-Friendly Standards Holder or both. This ensures we only feature arts providers that have committed to providing an excellent experience for families and/or older audiences.

If you’re already a Standards Holder you can add or update your profile in the Directory here.

If you’re not yet a Standards Holder but committed to providing fantastic experiences for families and older audiences you can find out more about the Family Arts Standards and Age-Friendly Standards and how to sign up today. It’s completely free.

Do you list events?

We no longer offer event listings. Our Directory celebrates the arts providers and organisations that are Fantastic for Families, so families can click through to your website to find out about you and all you have to offer.

The Directory replaces our previous event listing site. By making these changes, we shift our focus as a Campaign, enabling our team to do more to support you in providing quality experiences, developing your work, inclusivity, and building networks in your area.

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27 October 2022