New research:
Family engagement during Covid-19

In partnership with communications agency Crystallised, the Family Arts Campaign recently surveyed family audiences to find out more about their digital cultural engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The research presented a range of findings, including:

  • Getting active: Family audiences like getting stuck into an event! The research indicated a strong preference towards participatory online events and those which kept kids actively engaged. These were preferred over events which had an emphasis on watching or listening only.
  • Age-appropriate: Events which clearly indicated the recommended age group were preferred. Easily understanding whether an event was age appropriate was a clear positive for families.
  • Trusted recommendations: The importance of recommendations was emphasised in the research findings. Families often look to trusted families, friends, bloggers, influencers and organisations to find events.
  • Local loyalty: Despite the wealth of options available online, families will often opt to join or support online events created by their local cultural organisations.
  • Social media: Facebook remains the most popular social media platform for families to find events.

The research also explores how much families are willing to pay for events, as well as additional physical resources which may accompany online events.

In light of the research findings, the report shares recommendations to consider when programming and marketing family arts activities.

Image credits:
Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

12 May 2021